Find My School App

An IIT alumni-led pre-startup incubation project developed an online platform during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist parents in finding suitable schools for their children aged 5 to 10.

3 Weeks
UX Designer

The Problem and Challenge

The project targets a significant gap in the educational sector: the absence of a unified resource for parents seeking critical information on schools. The complexities of this task are many—ranging from academic metrics to extracurricular offerings and institutional values. This lack of clarity and accessible data complicates an already daunting decision, which bears long-term consequences for a child's educational journey. The app aims to bridge this gap, offering a streamlined, insightful, and user-friendly platform that parents can trust to make informed decisions with greater confidence

What We Do

The design process was characterized by a meticulous, user-centered approach. As the sole product designer, I spearheaded the iterative cycle of research, ideation, and testing. This began with crafting a research plan to establish objectives and methodologies, and continued with data collection through interviews and surveys. The remote work environment, necessitated by the pandemic, required innovative approaches to collaboration and communication, particularly in my discussions with the founder. These conversations were crucial in refining the design and ensuring that the product met the real needs of our users


The MVP's user feedback was instrumental in the iterative design process. Usability testing identified areas for improvement, informing adjustments that enhanced the user experience. The app's reception among the target audience was gauged through both quantitative measures like task completion rates and qualitative feedback, which revealed user satisfaction levels and informed the decision-making features of the app.


The "Find My School App" makes a significant impact by providing a platform that aids parents in the school selection process. It enhances decision-making by offering comprehensive, reliable information and facilitating communication among the community of parents. The tool's design, centered around user needs, fosters confidence in parents as they navigate the critical choices for their children's education

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